Freelancer Membership Agreement

This Freelancer Membership Agreement (“Agreement”) is part of and incorporates by reference the User Agreement and the other Terms of Service. Your continued use of the Site after the last modified date will signify your acceptance of this Agreement. Capitalized terms not defined in this Agreement are defined in the User Agreement, elsewhere in the Terms of Service, or have the meanings given such terms on the Site.

1.0 FREELANCER MEMBERSHIP PROGRAMS offers several membership programs for Freelancer. For purposes of this Agreement, “Member” or “you” means a Freelancer or Agency participating in a membership program.

Each membership program includes a certain number of “Bids,” which reserve monthly capacity for you to submit proposals for Engagements as described on the Site. If you are a paying Member, you have the right to purchase additional Bids at any time, subject to a cap determined by your membership program and other criteria. Bids you do not use by the end of the month do not carry over into the next month. The conditions under which unused Bids will rollover into the next month may vary from time to time and will depend on your membership program. reserves the right to change membership fees, change the monthly number of Bids included in the membership programs, change the price for additional Bids or institute new fees at any time, upon reasonable notice posted in advance on the Site. No refunds of fees already paid will be given. If exercises its right to cancel a membership, will not refund the membership fee already paid.


Where applicable, may also collect taxes (such as value added tax (VAT) in Europe) on membership fees and the cost for Connects.

3.0 AUTOMATIC MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL membership fees are setup on a monthly subscription plan via our Service Providers (“Paypal” and/or “Stripe”). The membership billing period begins on the date that receives payment. membership fees are calculated from the beginning of that billing period. automatically renews your monthly membership, and you irrevocably authorize and instruct to make the required monthly payments to on your behalf as described in the User Agreement. Automatic renewal occurs on the first day after the expiration date.


For more information on upgrading, downgrading or canceling your membership, check the Site or contact Customer Support.